20 Songs Of Love

by Monty Love

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Our first album recorded by Nick Purpura. (Except 5, 6, 11, 13 an 14 recorded by Dan Reitz)

Thanks for listening to it then.
I hope you still enjoy it now.


released September 3, 2001




all rights reserved


Monty Love Staten Island, New York


We were a band once.
We aren't anymore.

We sure had some fun didn't we?

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Track Name: You Want What We Got
You want what we got

It's time to get your act together
Your style of cool is old and outdated
So get with the program
Watch and you'll learn
Follow the leader
Now it's your turn

You want it
We got it
There's a difference between the two

I am your new role model
Wear the same clothes that I wear
Act like I act
And talk like I talk
Follow the leader
Now it's your turn

You want it
We got it
There's a difference between the two

You've got some fats on your flip
Track Name: New Source
Get up
Get up
Get up

Don't just stand there

Jump up
Jump up
Jump up

Move your body and just shut up

We're just like sex toys we

Blow up
Blow up
Blow up

I'd rather look ugly
Than have your personality
(We love Monty)

I finally see
The enemy is all around me

Don't shake my hand
I have no idea where indeed they've been
We're just like sex toys
We blow up
Blow up
Blow up

I'd rather look ugly
Than have your personality
(We love Monty)
Track Name: 16
I can taste it
I won't waste
Another chance is held
It's in my hands again

Here's to another wasted chance
My laziness won't let me pass
I'm not gonna let another get away

Can't stop these wasted feelings
Regret's my favorite demon
Self doubt is another thing that leads
That leads to all my laziness

I wonder who, who wrote the book of love.
Track Name: Taste It
Why you hating on our crew?
What we ever do to you?
You think we're dumb?
So what it's true

You snooze you lose
That's why you hate this Love crew
All you haters you should die young
Cause we're number 1
All you haters you should die young

I saw you wear your girlfriend's pants
I'm not your buddy on stage you prance
Realistically what's the chance
Track Name: We're Feeling This
Woke up today punched the walls
Ran up screaming into the hall.
Bout to explode
But I stall

Hate to use a sorry phrase
But it explains a lot of ways
Mess with the bull you get the horns

We don't care
They just stare
And everybody in the back put your hands in the air
Call on me and I'll be there
This I swear
Shit, I never swear

I have issues
Now you have issues too
Cause you're hanging around with me
So dry your crying eyes
Now you know I'm telling lies
And our love was just a disguise

Take a picture it will last longer.
Don't stare at me.
Track Name: Shits And Giggles
And you may think that it's wrong.
But I'll try to explain it in this song.
It doesn't mean I'm not your friend.
But here is something that you'll have to comprehend.

Monty Love
will not call you the next day
I never pretended that I was gonna stay
I say I'll call you but I don't mean what I say
We'll have our fun and I'll be on our way.
Track Name: Grandma
Everybody wants to be down with the Monty Love crew
And I'll tell you how you can do it.
It's very easy to do
Just follow us, come along
We're accepting everybody
But remember this...

You may not like us but we're the best thing going today

Down on Alabama Street my grandma came out after me.
Track Name: Shady Whistle
Did you hear they laced it?
Now the truth is wasted?

I'm not believing your shit
I'd like to see your source
Don't believe in something just because it's in print
Would television lie to you?

Did you hear they laced it?
Now the truth is wasted?

I am your method of alienation.
Find me in a shack with some papers and ink
I'll write the manifesto that will break you
Track Name: Moral Congestion
Moral congestion
It shouldn't be
That difficult
To figure out what your mind
And your body wants

But you can't think of anything
You're one dumb bunny

You can't think of everything, everything...

Another thing
That bugs me
Is when someone
decides to change their life
and the way they live
but it never lasts for more than one day

We will not change your minds
We will not change your ways
We love you just the same

His hide is all you see
Track Name: Rock It
(The L)

Because it's real and you rocked it
Want it so you rolled it
I got that feeling
That you can rock it

Cause we're the hot shit
And we have the floor.

Because it's real and you rocked it
Asking all the questions
Want to know the answers
But does it matter? No.

And if you want it
Then it's yours
Track Name: Bet Or Fold
They say they're not cynics.
But they cry
Themselves to sleep.

A definite's probably
What's with your apathy?
Bet or fold

Theres something starting to have a feeling
Like nothing I have ever felt before

A big black bug bit a big black bear and the big black bear bled blood.

And your life it's lingering
It's stinging me
It's ringing me
Around my neck now I cant breathe
I'm out of luck
I'll guess ill just leave.
Track Name: Sink The Minx
You want in?
Our arms, our arms are open wide
The whole crew will welcome, welcome you inside
You feel lost?
Consider, consider yourself found
In the ML crew you know you'll always be down

This Love is your love
This Love is tough love

Don't even to try to test, don't even step to us
You'll pass out from what?
You know the cobra clutch
You best believe we're worth, you know we're worth the hype
With Monty Love you know you're down 4 life

There are already a few people who are down with the Monty Love crew
Like Jack Suede, you know he's down with us
And the Miracle of 86 are down with us
And the Fast Breaking Classics are down with us
Bill Coyle and Dola are down with us
And Tryptophan are down with us
We got Nick on the board and his skills a must
Charly Gun is down with us
And Marc Messenger is down with us
And Joe Heinemann (RIP) is down with us
You know he'll give you down syndrome and your head he'll bust
Dave Elliot is down with us.
Track Name: RU-486
Here we go...

Let me ask you a question
If you are we can F each other
Cause three don't fit
Under the covers

Please say it don't spray it
I heard it the first time that you stated it
Words were yelled in my fucking ear
How could I miss it?

Let me answer the question
I am for RU-486
It's not a spell
It's a chemical
It's just the reason your tum won't swell

We'll put the fun back in dysfunctional.

It's all Gravy baby
Track Name: Down For The Count
You're down for the count

You cannot mess with me!

You're falling through the ropes

Step up
You'll get your ass fucked
Track Name: Girls
Hey all you fuckers up in here with your beers
Why don't you pour that garbage out?
Your future's here

And hey all you ladies in the back
What you lack is a little bit of oooh oooh while you're on your back

Why are you hating on the Monty Love crew?
We never did no shit to you
But if you want some,
Come get some

(The Monty Lizz-ove)
We're taking all fuckers out
In the year 2001
Cause we're the ill hardcore shit
The real hardcore shit

One more time
Track Name: Gravytrain
Dig my booty tracer

Are you
Track Name: ML2K
It's Monty Love

Now everybody's talking bout that new school rock and roll shit
That you learned about in first grade but never made it through
All the ladies make a bee line
You're a dime
Make you feel like you could never stop
But you can never stop

What a waste of my time
I had to come up with a new line
The new Republic is what you're bringing down now
Your fat face reminds me of why I live now
But I only liked you for your taste

My name is Monty Love
Track Name: Hard Knox
Here's another song yelling bout the way
You mask your intentions with the scene
As long as the kids will make you the money
You will continue your inequity

We're gonna take it back
Is what they say
We're gonna take it back
Is what I hear
We're gonna take it back
Is what they sing but I don't see anything being changed

We're gonna take it back
Is what they yell
We're gonna take it back
Is what they sing
We're gonna take it back
There is still one man in charge of everything

Let's take down the man who has everything in his hand
We're enraged.
Track Name: Milk
You can lead the way
Each and every day
Drink your milk
and pray
and you'll be the best

Believe in what they say
Working every day
Be quiet and don't complain
And you'll earn respect

And I have no right to complain
Since I don't pay bills
And I live with my parents
But somethings got to give
Cause I am not content

I want to get out
I'm sick and tired
I have no time for anything
This is no way to live
What a petty gripe

And I have no right to complain
So I'll shut up
Don't want to look spoiled

So it's back to my routine
of waking up early
Catching the bus
And going to work
And hating the fact that I have no time
To finish anything