Monty Love / Five To Go Split

by Monty Love

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In 2002 we released 5 songs for free online called The Five We Know (Zip Flop, Brutalful, Money Chute, Anything Past 12 Is Lunch, It's Not US, It's The U.S)
The next year we recorded 5 more and released this split with the Staten Island band Five To Go.


released November 11, 2015

Recorded by John Carbonella
Drums: Debo
Bass: Gravy
Guitars: Money & Monty



all rights reserved


Monty Love Staten Island, New York


We were a band once.
We aren't anymore.

We sure had some fun didn't we?

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Track Name: Zip Flop
I have 2 words to say to you.
But I'm only saying it once so you better listen,
Zip Flop.

I got words to say to you and I'mma say it now!

Zip Flop
Track Name: Brutalful
Now you're believing your own lies
You can't defeat it if you try
Your expectations are as high as me.

And this went from funny to hospital

If the world gets any smaller
I'd wound up living next store
to myself

I'll pick you down when you fall up
Give you a mirror so it's clear
Your life is empty as your can of beer
Track Name: Mazeltoff Cocktail
You think this system's finished
I said it never worked
You keep feeding me secrets
And I keep throwing up

This sudden jolt will shake you
Can't snooze this wake up call
Stand still; Your past. Your future.
It doesn't change at all.

It's not too late.
Track Name: 3? I Can Fit 4
1, 2, 3
It's not that easy
You built your dreams on shallow ground.
They are falling down
They are falling down.

We'll break up
This make up
You'll see clearer after the shake up
And we're all so tired.

And I got this jolt like something happened.
Felt clinical and absent
I winked at your ghost
Cleaning blood off my mattress
I started to talk but decided against it
Cause Im good at keeping quiet
So when I have to talk I make sure I mean it.

We're all so tired
You'll wake up when you hear our call

And it felt like something happened.
Track Name: Money Chute
Money spoiled the fun
He 'rooned' it for everyone

Money: will lie over a cookie
and if you think that's silly,
remember that he's 17.

Money spoiled the fun
He dicked over everyone

Money: will steal your singer's girlfriend
and bring nothing to your band.
I guess it's time for him to go.

We don't like his face.
Track Name: Livin' Diane
From the producers who brought you
"Fucked My Mind" and "Fry In Hell"
Comes the story of a boy who beats the odds
falls head over heels.

Live and dying
For today

Refuse to believe in 'best and worst'
and 'last and first'
Track Name: Fobody's Nault
You built it up
Now four walls falling down
We'll build it up cause
We are not responsible for it.

I can feel something going on.

And I won't take your blame.

You built it up.
Your shiny, your fancy ground.
We're running things
Cause we are now responsible for it.

Sincerely yours,
Fuck you
Track Name: Anything After 12 Is Lunch
Your condition. What condition?
Enough of this cross talk trash talk

A simple cure. Get over it.
These words are (?)

Don't be afraid to push yourself over the edge.
On your mark, get set, go...

You hide behind your pills
Your doctor says it's alright.
Medicine's your excuse.

Your condition? (??)
Words are speaking louder than actions.

A simple cure, fucking get over it.
If you're going through the motions.

You're not dead yet.

No more excuses
You can handle this on your own.

Just deal with it.
Track Name: Draw It up
We're only looking at backs
everyone's faces are blurred
but I can tell by your hair
that you have been here before.

Yea! Go check your clock
cause your battery is dying yea!
I swear!

It's not your jealously that makes me mad
because I know that we're good
and you're so b-b-b-bad

Tired of your head fake now!

Time is up is over baby
Na na na na
Track Name: It's Not Us, It's The U.S
Cross my heart and hope to die
Stick a needle in my eye.
You cross your heart
You hope you die too

But the only thing I cross are these fingers
behind my back when I hug you
(But all you do is complain a lot)

Kiss me once shame on me
Kiss me twice shame on you
There's more gossip in this town
than CO2.

Cross your heart and hope to die
Stick a needle in your eye
I cross my heart
I hope you die to
But the only thing I cross are these stitches
From punch buggy black
to punch buggy blue

Kiss me once shame on me
Kiss me twice shame on you
The shit talk brings me down
but still I'm...

Do or Die up in SINY